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The aim of this paper is to analyse and compare the most common form of direct democracy – a referendum – in both the Czech and Slovak political systems. The first one will deal with general constitutional background of a referendum and its procedures, as well as with a comparison of regulations in the respective countries.

The second one will concern the practice of referendum in the analysed countries.

In his fascinating works we find his political ideas, ambitions, adventures, approvals and disapprovals.

For Plato society or an ideal state must be organized and controlled not by masses, but by persons who really know what the norms are.

Ever since the political systems of both countries became different.

These various political systems inspired me to examine the people’s participation in the political life of those countries.

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The issue of State-Church relations should be examined in detail, to reveal why Christian Orthodox Church and State in Greece are two sides of the same coin.

El presente trabajo analiza la problemática del fenómeno del liderazgo refiriéndose tanto a la teoría como a los ejemplos de la escena política polaca.

La autora se hace preguntas científicas vinculadas con la relación entre la política y la autoridad.

Citizen journalism has never been as strong as it is now.

New technologies and the Internet have influenced it a lot.

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