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It's not exactly working for the man, but it's working in really close proximity to him.

Um, well, there's this pantheon of deities in ancient Greek culture, and, well, one of the original three, well not actually the very original but the most well known three, split up the world into three sections.

You're not just a diver anymore, and you're through with the constant itchy scalp. Explore the deep for long lost relics, or shave some Simoleons off your monthly oyster bill. Now you're in the big leagues, studying all types of strange, exotic, bioluminescent, poisonous-barbed, ink-secreting, spear spitting sea life...maybe you should invest in some goggles.

Remember to keep your own life clean and orderly as you still have to live in the real and dry world sometimes. Whales are really really big, but the oceans are even bigger, and that's where you come in.

Even if we overlook the server issues, Shadowrun Chronicles still has a ton of rough edges.

Its gameplay focuses heavily on using straight firepower to defeat enemies.

The only college major associated with this career is Biology.

As a protector of whales you now spend most of your time behind a desk on the phone lobbying the bureaucrats in Sim City to pass more stringent whale rights legislation.You've got the mechanical skills, they don't, so use 'em.You're finally out of the dolphin tank and into the fire.But it’s also one of those VR games that uses teleportation-based movement, as full analogue movement in a game this intense would entail an extremely short ride to chundertown.I don’t blame ’em one bit, and they’ve done some stuff to tone down its mechanical nature – a double-tap to insta-move in the direction you’re facing, and a thematic conceit in which you play as the disembodied consciousness of a scientist, who can hope from mech-body to mech-body to reach new places and explain away death.

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