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Links: Main W Token Price:https://Blood of Sargeras to gold: US: EU: CSEU: CSEU_ENInvasion schedule: Old thread /vg/thread/185838282#p185838282 All urls found in this thread: https:// Main https:// CS CSEU_EN[email protected]_Cute I'd tell you to go download fakeachievement but most pugs are actually checking armories/logs at this point. Just don't fuck up or you'll out yourself [email protected] wasn't bad on outlaw rogue, of course a dk could just waltz in and clear the whole thing first try.

Sorry, I'm on my 13th day playing, but it's been alot of fun!

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v=0Dh_IOIk RUw Leveling a DK for the first time right now.

if you "need" on a green boe item in a low level dungeon and it displays "needing this item will bind it to you" you instantly get the appearance.-you can only use appearances from items that you could level wise equip.-unlocks are account wide with a few exceptions that are locked to class (tiers) or faction (movie promotion staff, shield and swords)-only soulbound items with green or higher quality unlock appearances.guys, first time player here.

I grinded an AFF warlock to 103, and I have my artifact weapon.

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