Online dating etiquette response time

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It can be tempting to try to interact with as many people as possible to get the quickest result.

The problem with this is that you won’t give your best effort. This way you can focus better on conversation topics. If communicating with someone online, try to make your best effort to reply promptly if interested.

Your messages are not always understood by the recipient as you intended them and as such, rules are needed.

I have comprised 5 winning rules for online messaging etiquette: In other words, don’t skimp on your messaging effort.

You found out that person lacks common courtesy before you waste a another moment of your time on them.

The official word is you always provide a courteous response when someone takes the time to e-mail you. If you join a site to make contacts and encourage communications you then act like a civilized human being and respond when those contacts occur.

Maybe it will help you if you’ve found yourself or someone you know in a similar situation. Often when I contact a man whose profile I like, he doesn’t even bother to answer.

They say and do things they wouldn’t dare if face-to-face.

If I were in your shoes and didn’t receive response I would take it as a positive clue.

In the realm of online dating, these words still hold true.

With this in mind, what is your first interaction with that potential lover? Which is why you need to be diligent when it comes to messaging.

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