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and push Miho into leading Ōarai's first Sensha-do class in two decades, whether she likes it or not.Fortunately, she has new friends who are more than willing to help — boy-chasing Saori Takebe, gentle Hana Isuzu, tank fangirl Yukari Akiyama, and lethargic Mako Reizei.

Both the main manga and light novel tell the same story, except with different viewpoint characters: Yukari and Saori, respectively.Other manga spin-offs that came out were was released on November 21, 2015 in 77 theaters across Japan.In keeping with this anime's surprising popularity, in spite of a relatively limited release, the movie's current gross is over 2.5 billion yen with over 1.4 million tickets sold at the Japan Box Office as of August 13, 2017.The sixth manga spin-off was the sequel manga of released in April 2015.It's still drawn by Tsuchii and its about Miho's friend Emi Nakasuga, returning to Japan to fulfill a certain promise by joining a Japanese Senshado school.

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