Watch unbought and unbossed online dating

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Carver had habitually stopped by the mall and also enjoyed shopping online.The result: a closet stuffed with items she barely wore—which made getting dressed time-consuming and overwhelming.If you've ever lost a family member, I don't need to describe the wrenching emotions that accompany the death of someone so close or the tears that still come unexpectedly. As the bossiest of my parents' nine children, I had to oversee everything my dad and Sheila left behind.Months later, I was still picking through my father's military records, his guns dating to the Civil War, his 15 Bibles and Sheila's art supplies and pawnshop finds.I'm too busy getting rid of things to be interested in accumulating any more.Considering one's own mortality is a great reminder that today's all we've got. But I want to spend less time cleaning, organizing and thinking about mine. —Donna Brazile More Clever Ways to Give it Away My grandmother's Project 296 is named for her Ohio address.—Abbe Wright In 2007, a ceramic bowl sold for at a tag sale in New York state.The bowl's new owners then discovered it was a 1,000-year-old relic from China's Northern Song Dynasty; it was snapped up at auction for more than million.

The music that shakes my soul, the books that have kept me going, my best reserve wines: I want to share them now.It took every bit of inner strength I had to figure out what to do with these things that had great value for my father and sister, who now weren't around to answer my questions: "Why'd you buy that? " The guitars Sheila collected, the family gumbo pot I'd borrowed and then sent back to New Orleans after Katrina wiped out my dad's kitchen, the crucifixes he carved from tree branches—you can't just throw those things away!And so my living room began to resemble a Catholic gift shop, my grief became inescapable and I sank into a mild depression.She invites one of her children per weekend to help tackle a closet or a section of the basement.(Only one—any more, she says, and they'll stay up late talking and lose focus.) With their help, she's digitized her photos and recipes and made books that tell family stories, like the reason we eat oysters on Thanksgiving.

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