Who is ray william johnson dating

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'" MORE: Bills Mc Coy says Kaepernick is too much of a distraction The explanation has been met with much skepticism on social media, with some saying Lewis is pushing the girlfriend narrative to absolve the organization. "Because everyone wants to tell their own story," Lewis responded.

Phil Simms, a panelist on "Inside the NFL," also seemed unconvinced that a tweet changed the minds of the Ravens at the eleventh hour. Kaepernick has remained unsigned since opting out of his 49ers contract earlier in the year.

The scene was between a man and a woman and the woman had to be a little tipsy.

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She said: ‘He directed me to a kitchen and he put the dinner down and then we went back into a den area where he did have a television set up and videotape to show me some television show he was going to use to explain to me the idea of set blocking and all that.‘He had me read a scene from a script.Cosby was lying behind her and she could hear ‘grunting sounds’Weeping Johnson also remembered a bottle of lotion on the bed stand. He made me touch his penis.’She said: ‘I remember him standing by the side of the bed.I remember seeing his slippers on the floor and wondering why I was looking at slippers on the floor.‘I remember wanting to pull up my dress.’Johnson said she felt ‘intimidated’ by Cosby and afraid.The sobbing witness, a former William Morris assistant, recalled how Cosby had invited her for lunch but how it quickly transpired that the lunch which she had assumed would be at the hotel was in a bungalow he had reserved.She recalled that he answered the door dressed in a bathrobe and slippers.

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